the deep dark sea (deepdarksea) wrote in phila_discuss,
the deep dark sea

thrift stores?

Hi, I have a question about thrift stores, or stores in Philadelphia that allow you to sell used clothes, in good condition, to them. I have some clothes that are in good condition and always give it away to good will.. well now, i would love a little extra cash and i read in a magazine that it is possible to sell back some stuff for a few bucks. I wanted to know which stores in Philadelphia do that? I live in NE, but I'm all over the city so i'd be willing to go pretty much anywhere. Thank you! 
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The only thrift store that I know of off the top of my head that gives cash for clothing is Plato's Closet. Their website is There isn't a location IN Philly, but there are some in the surrounding area. If you have a lot of stuff, it may be worth a trip. I've 'sold' my clothing back to the one in State College. My experience was OK, I mean.. I think I got $20 out of the whole ordeal, but I had a fair amount of stuff. Remember that they're going to sell it at a higher price than what they're paying you.. so don't expect a whole ton of money I guess.

There should be a way that GoodWill or a smilar thrift store should be able to itemize your donations.. Keep the paperwork and you can claim it with your taxes and get money that way. I plan on having a huge yard sale this spring (I've been doing a lot of cleaning). Whatever doesn't sell I'm donating and itemizing what I can. I have to learn more about how to do that though - I don't know all the specifics on it.